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Variety is the spice of life.  That is why Cynthia Hill of Shalom Regel Reflexology aspires to bring you the very best Reflexology has to offer.  

Chi-Foot Reflexology​

The most sought-after session to balance the body and mind, emotions and spirit!  Pain melts away, stress dissolves and the world is a better place.  Foot Reflexology is the key to a better day.  $90.00
Maternity and Fertility Reflexology

Combining the best of Facial Reflexology and Foot Reflexology, optimizing the human potential for procreation.  Wonderful results.  Foot Reflexology is outstanding.  Face Reflexology is mind-blowing!  All puns are intended!   $150.00


Facial Reflexology

Designed to balance the body and mind through meridians, reflections of the body, and integration balancing of the right and left brain.  Warning: Facial Reflexology can improve your skin! 


Integrative Reflexology


feet, hands, and ears

to produce results that can only be described as phenomenal!  Each "map" reinforces the information given to and by the other body maps producing a solid path to wellness.


Temprana Reflexology

feet, hands, and face,

for the best in balancing the mind, body, and emotions.

Genetic and non-genetic syndrome, stroke, and brain injury.

The quicker the better.  




Combining the power of all available mappings produces an effect similar to what you expect from Nervana. 

Hands, Feet, Face, and Ears!


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